There Will Be Blood: 2016’s Surprising New Superfood

Superfood: the global buzzword that can make or break an ingredient. Over the past few years we’ve seen an explosion in the popularity of designated ‘superfoods’, from the easy to adopt (kale, coconut oil, quinoa, avocado) to the obscure (maca powder, birch tree water, sweet potato flour). Each year brings about its fair share of fads, however 2016’s new buzzed-about foods are more interesting than ever. Why? Because you’re probably already eating them.

The new superfood that dominated the headlines and shocked ‘clean eaters’ worldwide was undoubtedly black pudding, the humble workhorse of the proper fry up. Up to now, the term ‘superfood’ has been synonymous with other current buzzwords: clean, raw food, vegan etc. Black pudding, in all its fatty and bloody glory, bucks this trend completely.

As a founding member of the Cheese Toastie Appreciation Society in our office, I’m all for black pudding gaining membership to the illustrious superfood brotherhood. Not because I think it should be eaten every day (for the record: I don’t), but because it signals a move towards a more reasonable approach to health and food. The truth is, there is no legal or medical definition for ‘superfood’, rather the term is given to foods that supposedly provide nutritional and health benefits. Black pudding is packed with protein, contains barley and is rich in iron and zinc. Ta-da! Superfood. Other ‘normal’ foods that have been listed this year are mushrooms, plant-based proteins like lentils, and black beans.

Another reason why I welcome the inclusion of black pudding to the superfood list is that it will help to support local UK producers, with sales very likely to increase due to the label. In addition to this, it contains animal by-products and so has good nose-to-tail credentials.

There’s more to black pudding than a fry up! Here are five restaurants taking it to the next level:

The Devil’s Advocate in Edinburgh Corn fed chicken, black pudding croquette, sweet potato fondant, roast shallot, wild mushroom jus

Two Fat Ladies in Glasgow Flash fried West Coast scallops, Stornoway black pudding mash, smoked haddock cream

Nutters in Rochdale, Manchester Crispy bury black pudding wontons with a confetti of vegetables

Fernandez & Wells in London Stuart Grant’s Scottish black pudding and egg mayonnaise sandwich, on a sourdough bun

Bad Egg in London Black pudding and pork belly hash with fried eggs

By Laura Condon

Cover image credit: The Spectator

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