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Michelin Has Put Its Jeans On

Michelin Guide: the prestigious marker of restaurant quality worldwide, or an elitist bully with too much clout? Opinions vary greatly on this, but there’s no doubting the power of the star. Chefs around the world seek the attention of Michelin like a hug from a distant parent. You might say you don’t care, until you […]

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Insights from Google: Growth Drivers

Last week, I went along to a discussion hosted by The Caterer in collaboration with Google. After a thorough perusal of the buffet breakfast, I sat down to listen to Harry Walker of Google share insights relating to the casual dining industry. Perhaps this will come as no surprise, but Harry began by emphasising the […]

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Taking the Biscuit?

Let’s be honest, we’re a biscuit-loving nation: everyone has their favourite, their favourite way to eat it and their favourite drink to drink (or dunk) with it. Each to their own. The Grocer reveals that “one third of Brits scoff four biccies in a sitting, with nearly 20% confessing to scoffing a whole packet from […]

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