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Small Town, Big Ideas

Recently I was in the beautiful city of Gdańsk, where I had been asked by Better Bar Show to do a presentation on what I actually do for a living. The specifics were left up to me, so I spent a while pondering what I was going to talk about exactly… drinks technique? A room […]

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How a Monkey Found its Mojo

We are constantly on the lookout for interesting brand stories and how companies are trying to create an emotional connection with their customers through the stories they tell. Most brand stories read like a press release: who, what, where and the ‘a-ha’ moment of why it was created. The majority of the time they are […]

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Creating Guest Stories Through Spaces

Storytelling is an important aspect of guest experience that many hotels overlook. Guests want to tell stories, and they need to experience things in order to do that. Its about creating emotional stories that stay with the guest – so much so that they tell everyone their friends family colleagues and they return back time […]

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